Relegate your power! December Chill (out)

For those of you that have been training with me the past weeks this tip is not breaking news. December is not the best month to take too much on in your training. You should still be training but the approach a bit more relaxed. My recommendation to my athletes has been to chill out a little. Lots of commitments, parties, family get togethers, work wrap-up, and all the other things that come with the holidays. I’ve been met with some resistance, yeah you know who you are, as I pin up the lower threshold cards for workouts. It’s not punishment I swear, just coach looking out for you. And it ensures you’re doing some good strength and base work. Remember those training words lost in the summer time quest for speed and climbing prowess? My other holiday tip has been to choose sleep before training. Getting your zzzzs this holiday season will help stave off getting sick and help you kick off the New Year healthy. The challenge has been no training if you don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep – 1 cheat day per week. This is not a bad guideline all year. To end on a funny note. My 2nd year professional I took a trip for the holidays to my hometown of St. Louis to visit family. I had packed my mountain bike and road bike and all the cold weather gear needed to ‘train’ through Christmas. Upon arrival I threw my bikes (still in bags) in the garage. Packing to head home was easy that year since I just had to grab the still packed bikes out of the garage. You know what I learned? The next year the bikes stayed back in Austin and I just took the time to get some rest and recharge for the season ahead. Wishing you all the best for the holidays and New Year!

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